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Coastal Home

Ensure your waterfront or coastal home is sound

Having been a resident of the Long Beach Island area since 1974, and a Home Inspector for 25+ years, I am quite knowledgeable of the special attention these types of properties require.


Coastal inspections focus on high winds, water tables, and soil erosion; these conditions require added attention to foundation blocks, and pilings due to moisture and erosion. Also water and wind can accelerate wear on exterior siding, windows, skylights, doors and roofs.

This is a full inspection with special attention paid to all components of each bulkhead: pilings, horizontal whalers, vertical sheathing, and dead man rods. Your report includes the condition of all components along with digital photos and is e-mailed to you within 24 hours.


I have lived on or near the water since 1974 in the Long Beach Island area. I have overseen the installation of bulkheads for home owners, and have personally had two bulkheads installed for properties I have owned.  


Call for pricing, which may also be included in a package with our full Home Inspection.

Bulkhead Inspections

We offer a complete detailed inspection including probing of pilings beneath the existing soil, above ground inspection of condition and age of pilings, and exposed horizontal girders with house load in mind. Wind shear, soil conditions and vertical loads are all taken into consideration as part of this inspection.


Digital pictures and reports are e-mailed within 24 hours.


Call for a price quote and be sure to ask about our FULL Home Inspection package deals!

Piling Inspections

Ensure flood waters don't ruin your biggest investment.  Get 2 inspectors for your job!

When you want to ensure your bulkhead and piling will hold up, call today!


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