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From the bottom up, as a home inspector, I’m looking underneath mobile homes to make sure it is set on support piers and the home is level. I inspect tie downs that are in place and in good shape for windy conditions, if winterizing of water service exist and all skirting is in place around base of mobile homes.


I examine propane, oil or gas closet heaters, and hot water heater closets for age and condition. I provide standard home inspection of all kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors. I asses roofing systems, generally flat type, that have proper rubberized-type coating, standing water and of course signs of leaks in roof or roof vents.


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Mobile Home Inspections:

Foundation Inspection, whether concrete, block or pilings type foundation. This includes main guides and vertical support piers. Alignment of each section of house and floors by set crew. Bolting of these sections. Connects of all electrical, heating and plumbing sections throughout house floors. Hinge roof rafter systems. This is also part of a standard home inspection roofing, siding, grounds, appliances all mechanicals window door, etc.


All exterior 2x6 inch wall seaming of siding on site. Installation of decks and stairs with handrails. Floor seams by 2x6 inch joining wall in center of the house.


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Modular Home Inspections:

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